For each and every one of our patients, after the first examination, we organize tailor-made specialists’ examinations that are included in the price, meaning that there are no hidden costs.

We are devoted to personal needs of our patients so that every one gets its own personalized intervention from the wide spectrum of aesthetic procedures.

What makes us unique

Special hospital Diona is unique for its number of successfully performed operations of fat transfers in the lower leg with detailed histological analysis and MRI, with no complications. Meaning that besides a wide range of plastic and aesthetic surgeries, Diona hospital is especially known for lower leg augmentation with fat grafting.

Diona is also well known for its nose surgeries that are performed in such a way that it unites functional and aesthetic operation. We are successfully devoted to our goal to maintain the natural features of our patient, in accordance with functions and looks, while performing one single surgery that resolves both functional and aesthetic issues.

All face liftings are performed uniquely in 6 vectors, because we believe that the natural features of the face are mandatory to be preserved, both for the moment but also on the course of the aging process. Our breast surgeries are performed with a chosen natural prosthesis that contributes to guarantee the look to be for the lifetime.

We are particularly proud of the successfully performed combined surgeries of breasts, tummy tuck, and buttocks; then follow the face lifting and nose surgeries. Also, for breast surgeries we choose natural implants that help us guarantee that the look will remain almost for a lifetime.

Other surgeries /interventions include

  • We are particularly proud of performing the challenging combined procedures aimed at body re-contouring, namely successfully performing simultaneous operations of breasts, any kind of liposuction and tummy tuck with buttocks fat transfer
  • All types of surgeries, implants, and lipo-fillings - facial rejuvenation and lifting techniques for the face, neck, eyes, eyebrows, and forehead, aesthetic corrections of upper and lower eyelids
  • Body sculpturing in various ways: Vibro, hydro, low vacuum, BASER, and  ultrasound liposuction: tightening  the skin of stomach and body
  • Tummy tuck with abdominal wall reconstruction
  • Arm and leg tightening; total body lift after massive weight loss
  • Breast augmentation, reduction, and reconstruction with implants and fat grafting
  • Augmentation of buttock and legs with implants and fat grafting
  • Aesthetic and functional nose and ears surgeries
  • Removal of all types of skin and soft-tissue’s benign and malignant tumors
  • The entire range of anti-aging procedures: hyaluronic acid, hydro-facial rejuvenation, and skincare;  lasers and radiofrequency therapies; microneedle dermal abrasion; various meso-treatments including meso-threads
  • Male surgeries: any kind of gynecomastia both surgery and causal therapy and treatment; hair transplant; penile surgeries
  • Vaginal rejuvenation

Of course, this list is not final. Should you be interested in the procedure/surgery that is not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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