Ultrasonic liposuction

Ultrasonic liposuction of the face and body is an ideal method used for the reduction of overweight. This surgery eliminates the excess of fat, the skin is tightened and the body and face are totally reshaped.


Would you like to start wearing a smaller size of clothes and still have a young body line? Surely you would! You can make it so thanks to one of the most reliable and precise methods of body contouring, removal of excess weight and tightening the loose skin of your face and body.

The procedure does not do any damage to blood vessels and neural fibers. There is no pain or bruises and the possibility of thrombosis and fat embolism is excluded. The procedure is performed in local anesthesia.

This technique can achieve the removal of up to 20 kilos of fat in a day. Following the surgery, certain ingredients are to be eliminated from nutrition such as salt, sugar, delicatessen, bread and pastries, alcohol and aerated drinks. The corset is worn for a month and the patient receives 20 lymph massages. Right after the intervention, it is necessary that the patient walks as much as possible in order to eliminate the swellings.

Metabolism is speeding up and spontaneous loss of fat is continuing in the following year. The only way to get rid of huge weight excess and to be back to everyday activities fast is ultrasonic liposuction which, besides in a few world-renowned clinics, is uniquely performed in DIONA.