Secondary breast-reduction

Secondary breast reconstruction surgery is aimed for all patients who already had the breast removed.


This is a procedure that can be carried out for several months or years after completion of oncology treatment. All patients with no extension of the underlying disease, and self-motivated to return to a quality life are candidates for it. There are several types of breast reconstruction in the period after the removal of the breast.

Depending on the additional oncology treatment, quality of skin and size of breast, different procedures apply. Clearly, all in accordance with the wishes of a patient and the capabilities of their constitution.

The simplest procedure is a breast reconstruction with a temporary or permanent prosthesis, with or without correction of healthy breast. This procedure is comfortable for patients, has a relatively short duration and postoperative course so two weeks after they are moving into a new life. It is recommended to use anatomical shape prostheses because they have a better simulation of the natural breast.

Patients have the option of delayed reconstruction with their own tissue. Commonly is used wide dorsal muscle or the anterior abdominal together with part of the skin of the region. These operations are reserved for patients who have had radiation treatment of the chest wall, or they have voluminous healthy breasts. Namely, the indication and wish of the patient is not to use prosthesis in the reconstruction. Operations with own’ tissue have a slightly longer postoperative recovery, but the cosmetic results are far more durable.