Primary breast-reduction

Primary breast reconstruction is a solution for patients with early-stage of disease. At the same opportunity, immediately after the operation which provides her curing, it is being done the breast reconstruction.


Depending on the quality of the skin, the size and nature of breast tumor, usually the procedure understands implanting the prosthesis into space under the muscle of the anterior chest wall with additional reconstructive surgery procedures to maintain the shape and better simulate the healthy breast.

Sometimes the correction of a healthy breast is also needed to obtain symmetry of chests. These patients do not have a sense of breast loss. It helps them to recover more easily and faster. Breast reconstruction does not affect the prognosis of the disease and does not interfere with its further follow-up. Our advice is that if you want to avoid psychological trauma due to lack of breast, think of primary reconstruction. No woman deserves to live without the basic symbols of femininity.