Primary bilateral

Based on numerous studies, it was found out that 7 to 10 percent of breast cancer is caused by a genetic mutating.


By development of genetic engineering and clinical studies of gene mutations that are predisposed to develop breast cancer, significantly has increased the number of women who are recommended to do the preventive mastectomy. Namely, women carriers of these mutations have a high risk of disease due to breast cancer (50 to 90 percent) during their lives. In the literature, there has been shown that preventive bilateral mastectomy reduces the risk of getting breast cancer over 90%. With these patients, it is advised to do the simultaneous reconstruction which, along with preventive breast cancer surgery, provides the patients with a good cosmetic result as well. All this contributes to good psychosocial status and gives them lives without fear of disease.

Genetic risk of breast cancer is estimated depending on family illness history (if two or more family members were diagnosed with cancer). Results of family history in combination with genetic research (BRCA test) cause genetic risk of development of breast cancer.