Nose surgery

Nose, as the central figure, in the face occupies a significant place in an aesthetical and functional sense.


Change of the shape and size of the nose is one of the most frequent, but also one of the most difficult procedures in cosmetic surgery. The procedure’s aim is to provide a harmonious proportion of the facial parts without depriving the face of its specific look and expressiveness.

The nose is the only organ that consists of all tissues: skin, subcutaneous, fat, muscles, bone, cartilage and mucous. All tissues have different healing and revitalization mode. Thus, it takes a longer time to have the appearance changed. At the consultation, the problem of each patient is being comprehensively studied. Besides aesthetic, functional disturbances are being done as well: nasal septum deviation, hypertrophy of nasal concha, nasal polyposis, vasomotor rhinitis or sinuses operation.

Upon the procedure, there is no pain. Tampons are removed after two days for aesthetic surgery and after seven days in case of septum surgery which is also the immobilization period. Special care of nasal cavities is recommended with cotton sticks and mucous care creams. Nose blowing is to be avoided and in the six months, period glasses are not to be worn.