Lip contouring and augmentation

Are your lips thin and unappealing? Would you like them to be fuller in volume and well-contoured?


These are all the questions you’ve been asking yourself concerning one such a simple procedure which would mean a lot to you. Augmented and well-contoured lips are effective and simple methods for achieving naturally beautiful, sensual and “younger” lips.

Intervention is performed in local block anesthesia.

Lips may be shaped by temporary or permanent materials or surgical procedures. Temporary materials are biodegradable; they vanish after three to twelve months. Permanent materials permanently augment and contour the lips. The lips can also be augmented by your own fat tissue. The procedure is the same as with facial lipofilling. The amount of fat being infiltrated is 3ml per lip. The contouring lasts for a few minutes and swelling disappears in seven to fifteen days.

In order to have your lips just perfect, it is necessary to apply massages 48 hours after the filling. Massages are performed in three directions for a month. With these techniques, you can prevent the appearance or remove the existing wrinkles in the mouth area. Complications practically do not exist; the only possible is early reabsorption of the injected material.

Think well before bringing the decision of injecting permanent material since the effect is for a life-time and its removal is impossible.