Facial lipofilling

Fat injection is a highly recommended technique for skinny faces.


You have lost weight by diet and hard exercising and you are completely satisfied with your body which now perfect; but, you are devastating with your face. Cavern cheeks make you look old and feel miserable. There is no need to spoil the perfect body line, just do the facial lipofilling. Filling the face with fat is a good intervention for skinny faces.

The surgery is performed under analgosedation. The method we use is the Coleman method.  Fat is taken most frequently from the stomach but may be taken from any other body region. The fat is being reprocessed, enriched by stem cells and inserted into specific facial parts that we wish to make more prominent; it is infiltrated below the skin and into the muscle in several levels. Upon the intervention, you may suffer the swelling for seven to ten days which gradually disappears. The percentage of fat survival is 70-80%.