Aesthetic correction of upper and lower eyelids

This surgery gives the face a more relaxed, healthier and beautiful appearance.


This procedure gives a more rested, healthier and more beautiful look to your face, “lively sight and better mood”.  Heavy upper lids and “sagging skin” under the eyes make young women, as well as young men, look older and such faces always look tired. The eye becomes more open and you have no sense of “weight” in your eyes.

Aesthetic eyelids correction is one of the aesthetically most effective surgeries which is performed under local anesthesia with or without analgosedation. Upper and lower lids are being operated jointly or separately depending on the need. They can be operated without incisions (transconjunctivally) when the fat tissue is only being removed or relocated. This procedure is performed when there is no skin excess and there is fat excess. In cases when there is skin excess, the performed procedure is classic surgery. If the corner of the eye is lowered, during this surgery the corner can be lifted or made to awry. Unlike many other aesthetic surgeries, eyelid surgery is also done for medical reasons: the eye is more open and there is no „heaviness“ in the eyes.

The scar is hidden in the fold of the upper lid and below the eyelashes on the lower lid. The scar is visible for a month. The make is allowed to use ten days upon the surgery. The stitches are removed on the fifth day, and in the case of sunny days, you are to wear sunglasses for a month.