Breast-lift and breast-reduction

A breast lift and reduction is one of the more demanding surgeries by which you obtain the desired form, size, and aspect of the breasts. There’s a great choice of techniques.


You have sagging or too large breasts and you would like to have this problem solved. The solution to the problem will enhance your self-confidence and you’ll be more satisfied with yourself. The breast-lifting and breast-reduction belong to the group of more demanding aesthetic-reconstructive surgeries that will get you to have the desired shape, size, and appearance of your breasts.

The breast-lifting and breast-reduction can be done, depending on the size of the breasts, by application of different techniques that leave:  the scar either around the nipple, or around the nipple plus a vertical scar, or around the nipple plus a vertical and horizontal scar (placed in the fold below the breast).

The surgery may take several hours. It demands a good general health condition. The scars are covered by special adhesive tapes which are removed after a six-week period.
Scars do completely vanish in due time. There is no pain after the surgery. In cases when the breasts are sagging and empty, the skin is being reduced and volume is added by implants which restore the long-lasting vigor.  The corset is worn for a month. This surgical procedure does not give maximum aesthetic effect.

You should not undergo a breast-lift procedure until you are done with pregnancies and breast-feeding. The breast reduction is recommended after the age of eighteen if the size of the breasts endangers their health condition in cases of deviations of the backbone, wounds caused by shoulder-straps or wounds below the breasts. In the first year after the surgery, it is not recommended to expose the breasts to the sun as it could have a negative effect on the quality of the scar.