Breast augmentation

Breast enlargement is one of the most popular aesthetic surgeries. Depending on the quality of skin and subcutis and the choice of prosthesis, the operation’s carried out below the muscles, dual-plane and below the muscle fascia.


The problem of small and relatively sagging breasts can be solved by the insertion of implants. This is one of the most popular aesthetic surgeries. Depending on the quality of the skin, mucous and prosthesis selection, the surgery is being performed below the muscle or below the muscle fascia. The adequate selection of implants will lead you to have the perfect breasts.

Surgery is 45-90 minutes long. If the implants are under the muscle fascia there is no pain involved, just a sensation of chest pressure that disappears after three days. Arms can be moved freely. If the prosthesis is placed below the muscles, pain is present for seven days; for 15 days hands are to be moved up to the shoulders level and after that, they must be raised above the shoulders. For one month there cannot be any heavy lifting or driving the car. Operating incisions are made below the breast, in the level of a nipple, in the armpit or through the belly button (endocopically). Prostheses can be round-shaped   (low, medium and high-profiled) with cohesive gel I and II and biodimensional (anatomically long, medium and short neck, of low, medium and high profile) with highly-cohesive gel III or prosthesis filled with saline.

The prosthesis is selected due to the patient’s affinity. Do we wish round-shaped or natural breasts? For naturally beautiful breasts we recommend anatomical biodimensional implants (filled with highly-cohesive gel-type III). The corset is worn for a month upon which you can go back to your everyday activities.

You should not have a prosthesis implanted until you are 18. After childbirth, you should wait for another 6 to 12 months until you decide on “implantation”. Be informed on the type of breast implant you are going to have implanted!