Temporal face lifting

The results of this surgery are tightened and lifted the outer corner of the eyes and outer part of the brows.

The eyes are windows to the soul, a saying that you hear often but don’t think the same. You may be right, but whenever you have problems with eyelids, you frequently slant your eyes by pulling the skin of the temporal region attracted by the Asiatic appearance. Bravo! You have done a temporary temporal lifting. 

Temporal face lifting is the procedure that can be performed independently from other facial parts. The procedure is being done in local anesthesia or analgosedation.  The most frequently encountered problems are associated with corners of eyes, drooping lids or brows; sometimes, your problem can be resolved with this surgery. The indications for the procedure are strict; it may be frequently fit with loosening of the mid-third of the face or complete facial lift. Drooping of the cheek-bone region without lowering the cheeks – you may also want to choose this procedure. It is most frequently applied endoscopically; however, it may be also performed using the classic incision above the upper ear pole, vertically from 2 to 10 cm.

The operation lasts 30 – 45 minutes. The recovery period is five to seven days. The bandages are being worn for two days upon which it is allowed to wash the hair. The sutures are removed after ten days. It is painless with minimal three or four days of swelling. You are released home right after the surgery. The effect of this operation is lifted and raised upper corner of the eye, as well as a raised external part of the eyebrows. This procedure is often combined with eyelids procedure. Have in mind your personal facial physiognomy, if that is exactly what you need and whether it would satisfy your desires.

slepoočno zatezanje lica - temporalni lifting
slepoočno zatezanje lica - temporalni lifting 2
slepoočno zatezanje lica - temporalni lifting 3
slepoočno zatezanje lica - temporalni lifting 4
slepoočno zatezanje lica - temporalni lifting 5