Forehead face lifting - Frontal lifting

When a large number of wrinkles appear on the forehead and the level of eyebrows is below the allowed, it is the time to think about the frontal, so-called forehead, lifting.

Operation is being done endoscopically or by classic surgery, depending on indications. If the operation is being done endoscopically, three incisions of 2 cm in length are made; then the muscles, the ones that make you angry and frounced, are being cut endoscopically by which the eyebrows are being raised and forehead lifted.

If the whole of the forehead is loose, it is manifested in a large number of wrinkles in the forehead as well as in totally lowered eyebrows, and it is then when we approach classic surgical procedure. The incision is made horizontally by the line of hairy part of the forehead or deep in the hair.

Anesthesia is local with or without analgosedation. For avoiding the possibility of hemorrhaging and large swelling, the bandages are worn for three days; there are no bruises and recovery is quite fast. You are released home on the same day.

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