Face lifting

One of the most effective face surgery procedure will give you excellent results.

The largest number of patients wishes to have this procedure done.

It must have happened at some point that you were fascinated by the appearance of a friend of yours, without knowing that they had facial procedure-lifting done. Indeed, it is one of the most effective surgeries which, if done correctly, gives remarkable results.

Total lifting understands raising and lifting the forehead, temple and central part of the face and the neck. In this way, you can be rejuvenated for ten years and more. The muscles and the skin of the face and neck are being raised and lifted. The scar is hidden behind the ear and in the hairy part of the head. The operation can be combined with other facial interventions such as dermoabrasion or filling with various materials, fat respectively implants insertion in the cheekbones or chin.

The procedure is performed under analgosedation with local infiltrative anesthesia. The hospital-based period is two days; the bandages are being removed on the fifth day and the hair is being washed. The stitches, if external, are being removed on the seventh and fourteenth day. After the surgery, there is no pain. The numbness of the ear can last up to three months. Face lifting can be performed with the ultrasound with the good effect and equal to classic skin lifting.

The recovery period is seven days. Have in mind your personal facial physiognomy, if this is exactly what you need and whether it would satisfy your desires.

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