Face contouring

Facial contouring procedure can give your face a more youthful look or improve the shape of features such as the nose, chin or cheekbone. By contouring and filling certain aspects of your face, it is possible to regain vigor you had lost by aging.

The speed of the present lifestyle and business engagements frequently do not allow long recovery and staying at home. Deep injecting fillers became a total HIT! A fresher, younger or different face obtained within only half an hour.

The face can be contoured in different ways. By filling in you restore the facial vigor lost by aging or you make prominent certain parts of the face (e.g. cheekbones, chin, jaws, and nose). In the state of local anesthesia, special blunt cannula material is painlessly inserted, to be glued to the facial bones giving the third, more prominent, dimension to the face. In this way, the chin, cheekbones or jaws are defined and enhanced. The appearance of the face is not being changed, but it’s getting lifted, wrinkles are eliminated and your face becomes more cheerful.

There is no pain or bandages, swelling or bruises and the results are instantly visible! Upon the contouring, you can freely go to the lunch or business meeting.

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