No one is immune to a beautiful face, we all want to preserve youthful look and vigor but tis is where the first signs of ageing are shown. Face lifting, temporal and frontal lifting, tightening of the neck and face, eyebrow lifting, aesthetic corrections of upper and lower eyelids, ear correction, aesthetic and functional nose surgeries, rejuvenation with own fat cells - stem cells, and many other safe surgical procedures are guaranteed by results accomplished so far by the Diona surgical team.

Hair transplantation is a popular surgical procedure for restoring the hair loss.
When a large number of wrinkles appear on the forehead and the level of eyebrows is below the allowed, it is the time to think about frontal, so-called forehead, lifting.
The brows can be lifted easily under local anesthesia with special stitches in only 10minutes.
This surgery gives the face more relaxed, healthier and a beautiful appearance.
Dermabrasion is a surgical procedure that makes way for a new, smoother layer of skin to replace the skin that's been treated
Facial contouring procedure can give your face a more youthful look or improve the shape of features such as the nose, chin or cheekbone. By contouring and filling certain aspects of your face, it is possible to regain vigor you had lost by aging.
Fat injection is a highly recommended technique for skinny faces.
Facial implants are a silicon formed material compatible with human tissues, designed to enhance or augment the physical structure of your face.
Many patients suffer through years of being self-conscious about their ears.
Are your lips thin and unappealing? Would you like them to be fuller in volume and well-contoured?
One of the most effective face surgery procedure will give you excellent results
Nose, as the central figure, in the face occupies the significant place in aesthetical and functional sense.
A neck lift surgery removes excess fat and skin from around the jaw line and it provides an amazing, youthful result for the lower jaw, neck and décolletage.