One of the main attributes of femininity are breasts; they are the symbol of motherhood and the obsession of both genders. The importance of female breasts is deeply imprinted in our subconsciousness, for their importance in humans, especially in the first days of life. If your breasts are losing their volume and shape, because of the pregnancy, weight loss, of aging, and you are dreaming of having beautifully shaped breasts and stunning décolletage, you could ensure natural look either with fat transfer of your own fat tissue or with the highest quality, reliable implants with a lifelong guarantee.

Breast enlargement is one of the most popular aesthetic surgeries. Depending on the quality of skin and subcutis and the choice of prosthesis,

A breast lift and reduction is one of the more demanding surgeries by which you obtain the desired form, size, and aspect of the breasts.

Primary breast reconstruction is a solution for patients with early-stage of disease.

Based on numerous studies, it was found out that 7 to 10 percent of breast cancer is caused by a genetic mutating.

Secondary breast reconstruction surgery is aimed for all patients who already had the breast removed.

The operation with own tissue, have a slightly longer postoperative recovery, but the cosmetic results are far more durable.

Patients, in whom the previous operation removed the nipple (Mamilla), are subject to reconstruction after 3-6 months.

The breast can be transformed or be filled with one’s own fat cells.

Enlarged male breasts can be a serious aesthetic problem for males.

If you’ve lived trough puberty and are unsatsisfied with your breasts that look asimetrical, disproportional or narrow with an imprecise appearance, then it’