Tummy tuck - dermolipectomia

This surgery is not solely the aesthetic need, but we can also define it as the functional one since it prevents the onset of abdominal hernias or resolves the problem of the existing ones.

When you are thinking about your abdomen, you think how you would love it to be as tight as after the years of exercising. The consequences of pregnancies or rapid weight loss remain visible on your abdomen in the form of loose skin or stretch marks. You are not aware of how good you can look after a relatively simple surgical procedure.

In the state of general anesthesia, the excess of skin is removed even above the navel by incision above the pubic and at the level of the inguinal region. The new navel is shaped based on your wish (oval, rhomboid, heart-shaped), straight and oblique abdominal muscles are tightened, and thus the problem of the abdominal hernia may be also resolved with this technique, which at the same time gives you the waist of your dreams.

You are required to stay in the hospital for 24 hours due to the drains placed. You will be given a corset to be worn as prevention against seroma and support in stomach wound healing. Pain is relieved with analgetics and it lasts for seven days. The sutures are either not being removed or are removed after 15 days, depending on the applied stitches type.

zatezanje stomaka - abdominoplastika
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