You are invited to learn more about surgical procedures that will help your body to regain the youthful look, with the results that are immediately visible, and without long-lasting and exhausting diets.  Our team of experienced surgeons will give you the highest quality results, always taking care of our health in the first place. You can get rid of up to 18 kg in one day by the ultrasound liposuction, and our “Brazilian Tummy tuck” will ensure that you get a flat belly in no time.

Ultrasonic liposuction of the face and body is an ideal method used for the reduction of overweight.

Mechanical liposculpture or fat transfer is one of the oldest traditional techniques of body sculpturing.

This surgery is not solely the aesthetic need, but we can also define it as the functional one since it prevents the onset of abdominal hernias

Filling the buttock with fat is a very interesting technique and is less demanding for the patient.

Enlargement of the thighs and lower legs is a procedure that can seriously improve the appearance of uneven or deformed leg(s). Augmentation of

Patients who have lost a great amount of weight are now having the excess of skin that can be surgically removed.

Combined operations are in most cases breast enlargement or reduction with tummy-tuck, liposuction and fat transfer into the buttocks or legs.

Vaginoplasty entails a number of surgical procedures in the vaginal area, for reconstructive or aesthetic purposes.