Meso Cocktails

Meso Cocktails

Dermatological treatment with meso cocktails is performed under local anesthesia (cream). This procedure is performed with thin needles injecting nutritive elements, minerals and vitamins into the mesoderm allowing the skin to become hydrated, thicker and healthier.

Meso micro-needle-peptide technology is used for improvement of skin quality, elimination of fine superficial wrinkles, pores shrinking, removal of scars and stimulation of hair growth.

It takes 4-12 treatments to eliminate fine wrinkles, stretch marks, and cellulite or get improvement in thickness and quality of hair. Peptides are injected in the micro damaged epidermis and these have different tasks. The type of cocktail is determined by skin quality and desired results. These micro injuries multiply the regenerative potential of the skin; they wake the skin from the sleep to shine again.

Treatments are repeated from 10 days to a month. Light redness and crusts that appear are gone after 48h.

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