The process of aging is a physiological process and is unstoppable. However, today’s modern people have at their disposal scientific, medical methods that are helping them to remain vital and healthy for a longer time and to prolong experiencing old age, while still looking fresh and youthful. Anti-aging medicine is a new branch of medicine that deals with the problem of aging and has increasing popularity. At Diona Hospital, we approach each patient with a lot of attention, creating individual therapies in accordance with the latest aesthetic and anti-aging techniques and procedures.

When you are not available for longer post-operative recovery, you may chose non-invasive techniques of facial filling in different levels with different types of hialuron combined with fat cells injection and Botox.
Meso threads represent a new method of non-surgical rejuvenation and skin tightening.
These are non-surgical procedures from the family of anti-ageing treatments.
This is the procedure that improves the texture and the look of the skin. This anti-ageing procedure is implemented on the face, neck, hands, arms and legs. Depending on the penetration, they can be light (superficial), medium deep or deep chemical peelings.
The latest Vortex-Fusion technology of superficial and deep skin cleaning helps to clean the skin from superficial sediments and deep clean each pore from pimples, clogs and detoxicate it.
Stop being used to exploring emotions by face through Botox or Dysport.
Meso Cocktails