Patient safety

First and foremost, the priority in our practice is patients’ safety: we are known for offering not only the aesthetic surgery but also doing full due diligence whether the patient is medically ready for the surgery or a procedure.

Aside from taking care of necessary internationally adopted standards, all our patients are by default insured from the professional mistake – yet we are proud to say that in 16 years of our existence we had not a single claim. In addition, all our patients are offered the ISAPS insurance for any correction they may find necessary; again, we had no requests concerning that either.

Our staff is completely devoted to our patients, their needs, including each patient getting their own nurse that is available 24/7. Post-operatively, all patents’ requests concerning food, position, getting out either to the garden or else are fulfilled with no questions asked, of course, if that does not jeopardize their full recovery.

All our patients are monitored closely 24/7during the post-operative period as required by the standard of medical care; we remain in touch with all of them and provide free-of-charge control check-ups as long as they want. All patients are required to come for monthly, semiannually or other check-ups as foreseen by the type of procedure they had. In addition, on the course of the entire process Diona staff is always available for any inquiries.

Patient's satisfaction

We strongly believe that one of the main reasons why we achieved the highest level of care is the extent to which we care about the opinion of our patients is. Nevertheless, we always want to do more.

We are particularly proud that all of or patents do return to us; we even have, now almost as a rule, that the entire families, one by one, come to us, in some cases even the three generations.

Patient's opinion

All our patients fill the extensive questionnaire after the intervention/surgery; all questionnaires are regularly and systematically analyzed and the results are one of the inputs for regular monthly management briefings.

Over 16.000 patients believed in us Their satisfaction is greater than 96%!