Medical staff

The Diona team professional and highly trained staff of 30 comprises of certified plastic surgeons, anesthesiologists, other related specialists, registered nurses and administrative staff is available for all patients as per their medical needs.

All medical staff is board-certified, meaning that both doctors and nursed are obliged to undergo an annual number of educations in order to renew their licenses at their respective professional Chambers.

All educations are carefully selected in accordance with the advancement of the new technologies and techniques, but also taking good care of whether the novelties could be unacceptable for patients. This means that not all new techniques and advancements are adopted mandatory, but only after a thorough check-up and scientific review.

Most of the staff got their basic education and qualifications in Serbia; however, continuous education is provided on a regular basis both nationally and internationally. For example, body surgery educations are attended with carefully chosen surgeons in Brazil; educations for face surgeries are attended with the most prominent surgeons in the USA; our staff was educated for the nose surgeries with prof. prof. Wolfgang Gubisch in Stuttgart, Germany.

Our staff is fluent in English and German, nevertheless, we had no problems in organizing the communication and the entire stay for those feeling more comfortable in communicating in other languages as well.

Medical ethics

On the regular basis, the Ethical Committee of Diona Hospital reviews the services provided: the quality of services, alignment with the good practice, patients’ safety, and other processes that are ensuring that all ethical principles are respected in full.

We invest in educations and training so our staff is enabled to understand the patient, provide all necessary information, and offer the highest level of care.  Diona Hospital operates in accordance with the EU standards for providing safe, high-quality and ethical health services.