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Privacy & Medical Ethics

In terms of patients' protection (physical, medical), we follow all advance safety precautions to protect our patients both physically and medically with constant monitoring.

All sterile zones with highly sophisticated Operation Ward including Operating Theaters and Intensive Care We maintain the highest sterile and clean conditions, with terminal disinfection program after each procedure. We also have a regular weekly disinfections program.


  • We have an infection control committee in the hospital.
  • We do regular infection control audits and carry out surveillance across various areas in the hospital.
  • We keep surveillance on water sources, finger dubs, floor areas, prevalent flora in the hospital and do air checks.
  • We do regular outbreak analysis of infection based on infection control audits.
  • We have an infection control nurse who is responsible for maintaining adequate hygienic conditions in the hospital.


  • We follow all the necessary protocols for proper management of waste produced in the hospital.
  • We have adequate provision of resources to facilitate the proper handling of waste according to given standards.
  • We have an education program for all our staff members about proper habits for waste disposal in their respective areas of work.


  • Easy doorways
  • Walk ways
  • Fire Exits
  • Regular firefighting drills are conducted


The measures taken to secure their privacy and information:

  • We do not disclose or share our patient's medical and other details concerning the hospital
  • All records and documents related to patients can be accessed only after taking due approval from the medical superintendent, director administration and the COO of the hospital.
  • All records requested will be furnished by the hospital authorities within 72 hours of request.


  • All the electronic data and information in the hospital is highly secured and can be accessed only by concerned people using a password assigned by the hospital.
  • Scanning of mails and other electronic information is done regularly to safeguard transmission of data to any external source through and inbuilt fire walls.
  • There is a network and domain security accessing password system for shared resources.
  • We have different modules for various functions in the hospital and each module can be used at different levels by different users.
  • Every employee in the hospital is assigned personal passwords to access any electronic information like mails, reports etc.
  • All the employees are given telephone dialing codes and all the calls are monitored to ensure the safety and security of internal information.


We have a medical ethics committee in the hospital which reviews the quality of patient care, medical practices being followed, patient safety, which fosters ethical medical practices in the hospital.


We have the latest, state-of-the-art medical equipment in the hospital to ensure the highest standards of patient care and safe delivery of care to our patients. The equipment is periodically checked for its functional and electrical safety by licensed operators


Nursing protocols are well defined and regular audits are conducted on various aspects of patient safety and safe nursing care and corrective action taken. We have a strict method of selection of new nurses. All nurses undergo a 4 weeks orientation program to train them to deliver safe nursing care. The nurses are educated by the nursing educator, clinical instructors and supervisors. Nursing has a well adhered reporting system to ensure continuous quality improvement process. All nurses are registered and college trained and fluent in English.


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