International patients

Diona successfully cooperates with tourist agencies for medical tourism. For our patients coming from abroad, we provide a range of options in terms of transportation, accommodation, tours and all other arrangements needed.

Our first contact with the patient is via phone, email, Skype, Viber or WhatsApp. We insist on face-to-face examinations because our imperative is an accurate evaluation of the patient so that we are able to guarantee the desired results. Our staff is fluent in English and German, however, we will be happy to organize communication in other languages, should our patients find that more comfortable. We provide extensive pre-operative consultations so the patients’ desires and needs are aligned with all available medical options.

All patients are able to review our database of examples of similar pre- and after surgeries/interventions on real people, they are getting familiar with materials that may be implanted in them, with all possible complications and effects, along with the advice and consultation how these could be avoided and/or resolved. The consent forms for the surgeries/interventions contain, besides general parts, a detailed description of detailed, personalized information particular only for that patient.

Upon the completion of the stay at Diona hospital, the patient is discharged with a precise and written report, detailed instructions to be followed, as well as medications needed for a full recovery./p>

Patients’ satisfaction

Our top priority is that the patient is satisfied, not only with the outcome of the surgery/intervention but also with the entire service. After the patient finishes the stay in the Diona Hospital, s/he is issued the detailed discharge list and is given thorough instructions to follow along with necessary medications to take, until the full recovery.

All our patients are monitored closely during the post-operative period (after the surgery ); we remain in touch with all of them and provide free-of-charge control check-ups as long as they want.

Should you have concerns and/or questions about your stay in Belgrade, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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