To get a completely different, which means a more beautiful body, fuller, younger and more beautiful breasts, a flat stomach, a face without wrinkles and less pounds in just one day seems like a fairy tale at first.
Congenital nasal deviations or deformities that occur after a nose injury, are very common. Also the nose itself changes with the aging process.
Our inspiration are often the successful women with whom young people identify themselves most of the time. What defines a successful woman?
Dr Sonja Cerovac has been working in well-known hospitals in London as a recognized expert for two decades. She will give you answers to the most common questions and everything you want to know…
Tuesday as any other, two friends scheduled an appointment, both around the age of 50.One good looking, long legged-a beautiful woman. A skirt and a jacket and shoes speak about her business…
But is it really like that!? While trying to find the beauty of the face we need to recognize our asymmetry. We are all asymmetric. If we’d duplicate our face’s halves and compare them, we’d…
The years that have passed and those to come, start ticking as a time machine on your very face. Appearance of first signs of old age is exactly on it and there is where we meet the truth, that…