About us

Special hospital for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery Diona was founded in 2000 as the private practice, today it is justifiably classified as one of the most sophisticated private hospitals in Serbia.

Located in the very center of the capital city of Belgrade, in the detached building of 550 square meters in the residential area, completely adjusted to the patients’ needs, at the level of the top world clinics.

All surgeries are being performed in the hospital’s state of the art operating rooms, afterward, patients are taken care of in the residential part with hospital suits enjoying the accommodation matching a five-star hotel.

Our patients get the highest level of patient care not only physically but also psychologically, which we see as an imperative in the field of aesthetic surgery: we carefully listen to patients’ needs and wishes, discuss them and agree on the treatment goals so we give our best recommendations and care. It is of utmost importance for us to attain the best possible surgical outcome taking care of the patients’ maximum safety. 

All surgeries and interventions, as well as complete recovery of our patients, takes place in our hospital, with the support of the expert team of experienced surgeons, anesthesiologists, and medical staff. It is our imperative to always inform the patients well about options of aesthetic surgeries and interventions, giving guidance through the operating procedure itself, recovery afterward and possible difficulties. Diona Hospital operates in accordance with the EU standards for providing safe, high-quality and ethical health services.

All educations, technologies, and techniques are carefully chosen to be in line with the newest developments; however, we pay close attention to whether innovations are accepted by our patients in order to provide them safe and high-quality results. Diona is a member of a number of corresponding domestic and international organizations, among others Serbian Association of Private Healthcare Providers, European Federation of Hospitals and ISAPS.

Diona Hospital is ISO 9001/2015 certified and it is in the process of accreditation in accordance with the German hospital accreditation standard.

Our Most Common Surgeries

Diona provides a wide range of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, however, the most frequent procedures in our hospital are combined surgery of breasts, tummy tuck and buttocks, liposuctions, fat transfers to various parts of the body and the face, face lifting and nose surgeries. 


Our aim has always been to be up to date with all innovations and to continuously improve our services in accordance with new technologies, at all times taking patients’ safety as our top priority. 

ISAPS designated to Diona to organize the international course in the area of body reshaping in October 2015, which was declared by the ISAPS Educational Board “as the one that moved the limits of education”. The course named “European- Brazilian Synergy: Reshaping The Body” consisted of four surgeries in 8 hours, that was broadcasted by satellite:  Total Body Lifting (Carlos del Pino Rocho), Buttocks Augmentation With Implants (Raul Gonzalez), Implants Replacement (Mario Pelle Ceravolo), and one combined surgery.  The course also had video presentations by 14 professors from the EU, North and South America and the Middle East.

In accordance with the newest trends in the world in the area of anti-aging, our patients have available for them the HydraFacial MD®, the most contemporary Vortex Fusion technology of treatment, cleansing, care and healing of the skin of the body and the face.

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