Who we are?

Special hospital for plastic, reconstructive and esthetic surgery “DIONA” is located in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, in South-Eastern Europe, at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers.

Only two hours flying from London, Rome, Paris, Zurich, or 5 hours with direct flight from Abu Dhabi and Moscow, there is one of the oldest cities in Europe and has, since ancient times, been an important focal point for traffic, an intersection of the roads of Eastern and Western Europe.


Belgrade is the capital of Serbian culture, education, science and economy. Belgrade’s glamour at the crossroads of the European revival celebrates a diverse mix of culture, architecture, the natural combination of oriental passion and European refinement. Belgrade has for centuries been home to many nationalities, it was developing as multi-national and multi-cultural environment. Streets, squares, monuments, parks, drinking fountains, archeological sites and other spots that deserve recommendation are all over the city.

Belgrade is very much alive and full of positive people, energy, love, joy, smiles, sights and sounds. The city of culture, Belgrade is full of inspiration, the city of festivals and music, city of sports and leisure, Europe’s best nightlife and entertainment is an inexhaustible source of energy. You can relax and dine in a restaurant on the river or in some of the lively Belgrade streets, trying the new tastes. You can fill your time with shopping in one of Belgrade’s new shopping malls and centers.

Accommodation is available in one of Belgrade city based hotels, hostels, or private apartments and have mind that Air Serbia Etihad, including other international air carriers offer more daily flights to Belgrade.

Belgrade is well known as Healthcare city, is quickly gaining popularity as Medical Tourism Destination due to its outstanding medical specialists, low cost and top service, offering numerous first-class medical treatments including esthetic – cosmetic surgery.

Belgrade is a city that is changing and developing at an accelerated pace. A city that welcomes everybody. Belgrade is a city that makes everyone come back for a reason!

About Diona Hospital

Special hospital for plastic, reconstructive and esthetic surgery “Diona” is located in one of the most beautiful Belgrade neighborhoods, the Vracar plateau. The independent building of the hospital, which is specialized solely for plastic and esthetic surgery, represents the great match of modern hospital facility and early XX century architecture, and as such goes by hand with leading world's clinics.

It comprises a number of single and double-bed comfortable suits, massage parlor, anti-ageing center and room for physical therapy with all accompanying equipment. It has features of high-category hotel: reception area, number of specialist offices, dressing room and operating rooms with the state-of-the-art medical equipment. The hospital is justifiably classified as one of the most sophisticated private hospitals in the country.

Diona Hospital is designed with the vision of a hospital through the patient’s eyes.  For patients staying overnight or longer, we offer private rooms overlooking the gardens, all with en-suite bathroom, television, telephone, access to the internet and a nurse call system. We provide a varied menu to suit a range of dietary requirements, escorts and visitors are welcome.

One particularity of Diona hospital is that is mainly female-oriented hospital. The entire staff is female as well as majority of the patients.

Our team is committed to continuous improvement of our services and procedures so that international patients can trust the care they receive here in Diona Hospital.

We provide high-class attention to our patients, not only in terms of comfort but in terms of their care and safety.

We offer them an international level of health care service.

They want to know they can trust the hospital or the facilitator to deliver on what they promised in their marketing and communications. They are traveling to get better, not to be frustrated or frightened.


Patient’s welfare always comes first in our clinic.

Our goal is to always inform the patients well about options of aesthetic surgeries and interventions, giving the guidance through operating procedure itself, recovery afterwards and possible complications.

We strive to provide the highest level of patient care not only physically but also psychologically, which is of extreme importance in the field of aesthetic surgery.

We carefully listen to your needs and wishes, discuss them and try to understand your treatment goals and to give our best recommendations and care.

The best effort is made to attain the best possible surgical outcome, in the surrounding which gives the patient maximum safety. All surgeries are being performed in hospital’s operating rooms; afterwards, patients are taken care of in the residential part with hospital suits, in best comfort.

Diona’s surgical team offers a comprehensive range of aesthetic services using the modern techniques.Diona specializes in various aesthetic procedures involving facial rejuvenation and lifting techniques for the face, neck, eyes, and forehead, aesthetic corrections of upper and lower eyelids, body sculpturing in various ways: liposuction, tightening of the skin of stomach and body; breast augmentation, reduction and reconstruction; augmentation of buttock and legs; aesthetic and functional nose surgeries; removal of all types of  the skin and soft-tissue’s benign and maligned tumors.

DIONA renders the latest aesthetic surgical methods with different types of radio waves, lasers  and ultrasound.

Our professional and highly trained staff of certified plastic surgeons, registered nurses and administrative staff will assist you in choosing the procedure that is best suited for you. Numerous “Before and after” photos are the best representation of work of the Special Hospital for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Diona.


Chief plastic surgeon and the owner of the Special hospital Diona Violeta Skorobac Asanin, MD, MSc, a specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery brings the female perspective in her work, is skilled in many areas of plastic surgery, which she practices for the last 15 years in her private practice. is well known in international aesthetic surgical society in the field of the full scope of aesthetic procedures. Dr. Skorobac Asanin, a specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, brings the female perspective, skilled in many areas of plastic surgery, which she practices for the last 15 years in her private practice, achieving high-end results.

Dr. Skorobac Asanin has perfected her knowledge and skills by practicing in a great number of plastic surgery clinics abroad, in Italy, Canada, Greece, Russia, Brazil and USA. In 2003 she was granted the top USA award for best results in treating the overweight by ultrasonic liposculpture. She is an expert in breast augmentation and facial cosmetic surgery, including rhinoplasty (nose surgery), abdominoplasty, fat transfer and body contouring. She is dedicated to tailored, natural-appearing and extraordinary results.

Dr Skorobac Asanin is a member of numerous international and European associations of aesthetic and plastic surgeons. She has been a participant at numerous medical congresses organized both in Europe and all over the world. She loves the job she is dedicated to and she is trying to break the prejudices of aesthetic surgeries and to place it in everyday course and make it available to ‘regular’ people. Her aim is to make aesthetic surgery safe, painless and with the shortest possible recovery period.

Diona cooperates with a large number of specialist physicians in country and abroad, covering all possible necessities of a particular patient’s health needs.


The objective of the Anesthesia department in Diona hospital is to ensure that your surgical intervention is carried out as safely and comfortably as possible, and that your overall experience in our clinic is pleasant. We offer patients tested and successful safe and a comfortable „Sleep - wake up – done!“ anestesia concept.

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