Augmentation of legs and lower legs by implants & fat transfer

Augmentation of legs and lower legs is performed by implants or fat transfer. The inner side of the thighs and lower legs can be enlarged by implants insertion. The above procedure is performed in the general anesthesia; the incisions are made in the groins for upper leg and through the posterior pit of the knee for lower legs implants. After the surgery, the patients are advised to lay down with lifted legs. It is necessary to wear fasteners or vein bandages; after seven days begins walking and entering the adjustment phase. Unlike the breasts and buttocks augmentation, these implants can be felt and it takes several months for adjustment.
Augmentation of the lower legs and tights with fat is clearly more simple technique for the patient. The only existing demand is great amount of fat needed for filling of an entire leg: 1000-1500 ml depending on the leg length. It is necessary that the patient has specific amount of fat.
After the surgery bandagers are worn for a month. The patient can go back to regular activities.